Technological capabilities – Workshop

In the company are used a variety of metalworking operations such as:

– Gas-oxygen cutting with CNC, laser and plasma cutting, guillotine cutting

– Bending – with Bending Press and Four Rollers Bending Machine

– Different types of machining with machining centers, coordinate milling machines, drilling and boring machines, turning and boring lathes, milling machines, grinding machines and other

– Manual and robotic welding in gas shielded environment

– Shot blasting in an automatic shot blasting chamber

– Painting and coating, metallization

– Assembling works and adjustments

The company carries out following methods of control:

– Ultrasonic testing of all incoming materials

– Ultrasonic testing, magnetic powder testing and penetrant testing of the welds during manufacture

– Quality control of the coating and complete quality control of the finished products

Our partners for NDT are: