ALPHA-MARINE GmbH is a modern company which was founded in 2012 and is situated in Gorna Malina (30 km from Sofia).

ALPHA-MARINE GmbH covers an area of 90 000 m².

Our production facilities are housed in insulated halls within 10 000 area. We also have a 2000 covered warehouse and a 3000 outdoor warehouse, as well as 2000 auxiliary and administrative buildings.

ALPHA-MARINE GmbH is powered by two independent 20 kV power lines.

The implemented and functioning quality management system,  machinery, the controlled process of manufacture and highly qualified personnel are guarantee for European and global level of the quality of the manufactured items.


Ownership of ALPHA-MARINE GmbH is 100% German participation.
The main activity of the company is the production of welding structures with mechanical processing with application in marine, life saving boats and rafts for all types of marine crafts and offshore branches (platforms for extraction of gas and oil, generators for wind energy), metal structures of scissor or telescopic lifting platforms, tail lift for trucks, metal pallet for transportation of gas bottles and construction tackles..

The company is part of the:

German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Association of Bulgarian exporters


Our partners and main clients are:

Global Davit GmbH

M.D.O. (Maritime Design Office) B.V
The Netherlands