Equipment of Alpha-Marine GmbH




Technical data

CNC gas cutting machine1Plate thickness 130 mm max, Table dimensions 6000х2000 mm
CNC plasma cutting machine MicroStep Kiellbetg HiFoius 360i1Plate thickness 40 mm max, Table dimensions 9000×2500 mm
Hydraulic bending press МК13301Plate thickness 12 mm max, lenght 2300 mm max
3-Roll plate bending machine Sahinler 4R HSS 20-280NC1Plate thickness 15 mm max, lenght 1500 mm max, Diameter 320 mm min
Automatic gear shaper 5B1501Max module m=10 мм, workpiecе diameter 800 mm max
Gear milling universal machine 5К321Max module of gear cut 12 мм, Max diameter of gear cut 800 mm
Universal milling machine TOC321Tool travel X-850 mm Y-360 mm Z-500 mm
Universal milling machine FU3211Tool travel X-1000 mm Y-360 mm Z-460 mm
Machining centre CM801Tool travel X-1400 mm Y-800 mm Z-400 mm
Coordinate machine REIDAN1Tool travel X-1200 mm Y-750 mm Z-700 mm
Horizontal band saw cutting machine OL400A2Cutting diameter D-400 mm max
Cylindrical grinder HT300M1Cutting diameter D-300 mm max
Milling machine МАНО 10002Tool travel X-1000 mm; Y-700 mm; Z-700 mm, Rotating table, horizontal and vertical spindle
Milling machine МАНО 6002Tool travel X-600 mm; Y-500 mm; Z-400 mm, Rotating table, horizontal and vertical spindle
Milling machine МАНО 8001Tool travel X-800 mm; Y-600 mm; Z-600 mm, Rotating table, horizontal and vertical spindle
Vertical turret lathe СЕРДИНА 15311Table diameter D-1120 mm, height Н-1000 mm
Cylindrical Grinding Machine BUA 10001Workpiecе diameter 300 mm max, Working lenght 1000 mm max
Cylindrical Grinding Machine RUP 10001Workpiecе diameter 350 mm max, Working lenght max 1000 mm
Universal lathe С11Т4Workpiecе diameter 350 mm max, duct opening 60 mm
Surface Grinding Machine ШПХ511Working table 1500х300 mm
Universal lathe С134Workpiecе diameter 600 mm max, Duct opening 100 mm, working lenght 2000 mm max
Coordinate drilling machine MICROMAT1Tool travel X-1000 mm; Y-700 mm; Z-500 mm, Rotating table D-800 mm
Radial drilling machine CHEPEL1Table dimensions 2000х1000 mm, Working area of the arm 2000 mm max
Shot blasting chamber1Blasting grit, Chamber dimensions 11000х4500х4500 mm
Painting chamber1Chamber dimensions 10000х4500х4500 mm
Semi automatic welding machines28420 A, water cooling
Machines for VIG welding2200 A
Thermal spray coating machine QD10-400L1
All workshops are equipped with travelling cranes with lifting capacity of 8 tons.